What is art?

What is Art

What is art?

«Art must be beautiful, as the frog says to the fly.» Christian Eisenberger

«Art doesn't have to be beautiful, instead, art leads you to new limits of perception.» Julian Riess

«Art is what gives me aesthetic enjoyment.» Dr. Grete Müller

«Art is just a societal pretext. We have art, we have religion. We have this category, that category and the other category. But everyone wants to deconstruct those categories.» Christian Eisenberger

«When you look at Eisenberger's work, you often ask yourself: Why is "something" "something" and "nothing" "nothing"? With Christian Eisenberger, however, everything that he touches is "something". That is the exciting thing. He does something, and art comes out of it. While certain others do the same thing, but nothing comes out of it, just something to throw away.» Philipp Konzett

«I remain silent in my corner and say everything that can be said through art.» Christian Eisenberger

«Art is what artists do.» Brigitte Kowanz

«Anyone can do what artists do, but not everyone does it and that's the small difference, to my mind.» Christian Eisenberger

And what is art for you?