Art Quotes

Art Quotes

«If I knew what art was, I'd keep it to myself.» Pablo Picasso

«You become an artist out of despair.» Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

«It is just as interesting and difficult to say something well as it is to paint something well.» Vincent van Gogh

«Models should try to resemble their portraits.» Salvador Dalí  

«We have art in order not to perish from the truth.» Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

«Unfortunately, only reality, said the painter.» Manfred Hinrich

«Art is when you can't, because when you can, it's not art.» Johann Nepomuk Nestroy

«No one in the world hears so much foolishness as museum paintings do.» Jules und Edmond Huot de Goncourt

«Every art requires a whole human life.»  Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin

«There are pig troughs that should have become violins.» Manfred Hinrich

«The art of art is not the actual work, but its interpretation.» Gerald Dunkl

«Art does not come from ability, but from necessity.» Arnold Schönberg